Best Time to Visit Disneyland Paris

Whether you are a die-hard Disney fan or looking for an unforgettable family adventure, picking the best time involves more than just picking a day.

This guide will be your compass, navigating you through crowd levels, weather patterns, and seasonal events. 

So, get ready to unlock shorter wait times and the sweetest deals to transform your Disneyland Paris trip into a truly unforgettable experience.

Visitors’ Guide: Who Should Visit When?

Thrill SeekersBudget TravelersFestive FansCharacter Enthusiasts
Shoulder seasons (late May to early June or September) Mid-January to mid-MarchChristmas season (November to December) or Halloween season (October)During special events focused on specific characters

Balancing Crowds and Weather

If you want short wait times and a calm atmosphere, choose days outside of high season. 

These are the best times of the year to visit Disneyland Paris:

Low Season  (Shoulder Seasons):

The shoulder seasons are mid-January to early March (excluding the tail end of winter holidays) and mid-April to mid-May.

These calmer months provide the shortest wait times for rides and entertainment. 

Remember: Some entertainment alternatives will be restricted because weather will be chilly and unpredictable, particularly between January and March.

Sunny Skies & Events: 

If sunshine and festive cheer are your priorities, September to early December (excluding school holidays) might be ideal.  

Enjoy pleasant weather and witness the park adorned in its seasonal best.

Remember: These periods can be busier, with potentially higher prices.

Summer Fun:

School’s out, and Disneyland Paris bursts with life during the summer months.

July and August are the peak Disneyland Paris visiting seasons. While the atmosphere is exciting, wait times will be lengthy. 

If you pick this season to visit the attraction, plan to arrive on weekdays and early in the morning.

Remember: There will be large crowds and increased pricing during these months.

Note: Confused about which Disneyland Paris ticket gives the most discounts in the shoulder season? We have got you covered!

Disneyland Paris TicketsAdult Ticket (18+ Years) Price
1-Day Ticket€82 to €89
1-Day Flexible Ticket€97 to €105
Multi-Day Entry Ticket€190 to €206
Tickets and Shuttle Transport€142 to €149
1 Day Ticket with Transport from Paris€147

Visiting During Festivities: Seasons of Excitement

While low crowds are appealing, participating in special events adds a distinct character to your trip.

Some of the best seasonal festivities at Disneyland Paris are as follows:

Halloween Season (October) 

October transforms the theme park into a hauntingly wonderful refuge.

It is the best time to visit Disneyland Paris if you like a vivacious experience with a lot more people than the off seasons. 

Expect greater crowds and significantly longer wait times than in the off-season. 

Experience Disney’s spooky side with themed decor, parades, performances, and character interactions with Disney villains.

Christmas Season (November to December)

Christmas brings magic to Disneyland Paris from November to December. 

While gorgeous decorations and holiday entertainment abound, be ready for peak season. 

Expect more people and lengthier lines for rides and attractions. 

However, the Christmas parade, unique character meet-and-greets with Santa and pals, and wonderful ambiance make it an unforgettable festive experience.

Summer Season (July and August)

Summer is a colorful combination of sunlight, longer park hours, and unique activities. 

While July and August have the longest days, be prepared for peak season crowds and higher wait times for rides and attractions

The Magical Night Time Ceremony brings the park to life with magnificent pyrotechnics and projections. 

At the same time, themed pool parties at Disney Hotels provide a refreshing retreat.

Visiting on weekdays

While weekends tend to attract heavier people, visiting on weekdays will be a more relaxing and delightful experience. 

Whether you’re planning a sudden trip or a long-awaited holiday, weekdays are the best time to visit Disneyland Paris.

Why weekdays?

Fewer Lines: With lower wait times for attractions, rides, and character meet-and-greets, you can make the most of your time in the park.

Less Crowded: Enjoy a more peaceful ambiance with fewer guests, giving you plenty of room to explore, dine, and snap photographs without feeling overwhelmed.

Special Offers: Take advantage of weekday savings on Disneyland tickets, hotels, and food, allowing you to save money while experiencing all that the park has to offer.

Best Time of Day to Visit

The best time of day to visit the park is when lines for attractions tend to be smaller crowds and rides have short waiting times.

Early mornings 

Arriving early, before the park opens at about 8:30 am, is preferable. 

You will get a good location in line for popular rides and escape the crowds, especially during busy seasons.

Late afternoons

After the lunch rush, lines begin to thin out again after the lunch rush, usually between 2 pm and 4 pm. 

Enjoy a leisurely lunch and return to the rides when the crowds decrease.


While closing hours can be packed, wait times for certain popular attractions may reduce as the day progresses after 7 pm 

This is an excellent choice for experiencing popular rides without waiting in big lines.

Planning your perfect trip

Now that you know the best time to visit Disneyland Paris, consider the following variables when arranging your visit:

  • Check the forecast and plan appropriately to guarantee a comfortable and pleasurable vacation, especially if you’re going during the variable weather season.
  • To make the most of your stay and prevent any unpleasant shocks, look into special events, holidays, and festivals that are taking place during your preferred travel dates.
  • To plan your schedule and prevent disappointment, become familiar with the opening hours, including any modifications or closures.
  • Download the official Disneyland Paris app to check wait times, show schedules, and parade timings.

FAQs on Best Time to Visit Disneyland Paris

  1. What is the best time to visit Disneyland Paris?

    From mid-January to mid-March, mid-April to mid-May, or September to early December (excluding holidays) is the best time to visit Disneyland Paris due to shorter wait times and potentially lower prices. Late August can also be a good bet after summer crowds wane.

  2. What is the cheapest month to go to Disneyland Paris?

    Generally, the cheapest months to visit Disneyland Paris are mid-January to mid-March. However, before spring break, you’ll benefit from fewer crowds and reduced ticket rates.

  1. Is Disneyland Paris better in summer or winter?

    Visiting during the summer or winter depends on your priorities.
    Choose summer if: Warm weather and longer park hours are a priority. You don’t mind crowds.
    Choose winter if:  Festive cheer, shorter lines, and lower prices are a priority. You can handle colder weather.

  2. What is the most crowded month at Disneyland Paris?

    October is the most crowded month due to the extremely popular Halloween season. Large crowds gather throughout this period to enjoy eerie décor, parades, and unique character encounters.

  3. Are there any times of the day when lines for attractions are shorter in Disneyland Paris?

    Lines are often lower at park opening, about 9:30 am, and during the afternoon slump, between lunch and supper, approximately 2 pm to 4 pm.

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