Disneyland Park vs Walt Disney Studios Park

Disneyland Paris consists of two parks just a few minutes walk apart, which are as follows: 

You can choose which Disneyland Paris Park to visit with the guide’s assistance.

The distinction between Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Park is that Walt Disney Studios Park is considerably smaller than Disneyland Park.

Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris offer two distinct and immersive experiences, each with unique attractions and atmosphere.

Disneyland Park

Disneyland Park is the flagship park and a true symbol of Disney magic. 

It is divided into five enchanting lands: Main Street, USA, Adventureland, Frontierland, Fantasyland, and Discoveryland. 

Disneyland Park is where classic fairy tales come to life, with iconic attractions like Sleeping Beauty Castle, Pirates of the Caribbean, and It’s a Small World. 

It offers many family-friendly rides, character meet-and-greets, and spectacular parades and fireworks displays. 

This park is a nostalgic journey through Disney’s timeless stories and is ideal for those seeking a traditional Disney experience.

Walt Disney Studios Park

Walt Disney Studios Park celebrates the world of movies, animation, and television. 

Divided into different sections, such as Front Lot, Production Courtyard, Toy Story Playland, and Toon Studio, this park provides a glimpse into the magic of filmmaking. 

You can experience thrilling attractions like Ratatouille: The Adventure, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, and Crush’s Coaster. 

You can also explore interactive exhibits, behind-the-scenes tours, and shows that showcase the artistry and creativity behind Disney’s iconic productions. 

Walt Disney Studios Park is perfect for those who want to delve into the entertainment world and experience the excitement of movie-making.

Here’s a brief comparison between the two parks based on each park’s themes, rides, eateries, and other features:


Disneyland Park offers the typical Disney experience. Each of the five theme zones has a distinct theme:

  • Main Street U.S.A.
  • Adventureland
  • Fantasyland
  • Frontierland
  • Discoveryland

The park aims to transport visitors to various settings, including fairy tales and space exploration.

On the other hand, Walt Disney Studios Paris focuses on entertainment behind the scenes. 

Four sections of the park have areas according to different aspects of film production: 

  • Front Lot
  • Production Courtyard
  • Toon Studio
  • Backlot

Walt Disney Studios Park visitors can enjoy the wonder of films and television programs.

Walt Disney Studios Park is ideal for movie lovers, whereas Disneyland Park is the place to go if you’re looking for an adrenaline thrill.

Rides and Attractions

There are numerous attractions in Disneyland Park for guests of all ages. 

The most popular rides are:

  • It’s a Small World 
  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
  • Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast
  • Pirates of the Caribbean, and 
  • Space Mountain: Mission 2. 

Disneyland Park is home to the following famous Disney attractions:

  • The Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups, 
  • Peter Pan’s Flight 
  • the Haunted Mansion 

Walt Disney Studios Park offers a distinctive collection of attractions and rides with a theme. 

The most well-known Walt Disney Studios Park rides are:

  • Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster with Aerosmith
  • Ratatouille: The Adventure
  • Cars Quatre Roues Rallye
  • Toy Story Playland
  • RC Racer
  • Studio Tram Tour: Behind the Magic
  • Crush’s Coaster, and 
  • The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. 

Walt Disney Park also offers performances and attractions based on well-known Disney properties like Cars and Marvel.

As a result, both parks of Disneyland Paris provide rides for all ages, including those for adults, teenagers, and children.


You will grow hungry during your exploration, so stopping for a snack occasionally becomes vital.

From quick-service alternatives to upscale dining selections, both Disneyland Paris parks offer a variety of dining experiences. 

There are some themed eateries in Disneyland Park, including:

  • (Located in the Pirates of the Caribbean) Blue Lagoon Restaurant 
  • Lucky Nugget Saloon, a bar with a Western theme
  • (Located in the castle of Cinderella) Auberge de Cendrillon
  • Colonel Hathi’s Pizza Outpost: Inspired by “The Jungle Book,”
  • Hakuna Matata Restaurant: Inspired by “The Lion King,”

There are various themed eateries in Walt Disney Studios Park, including:

  • Ratatouille-inspired restaurant Bistrot Chez Rémy
  • Restaurant En Coulisse: Located on Hollywood Boulevard
  • Café des Cascadeurs: Inspired by stunt performers 
  • Restaurant des Stars (located in a studio in the Hollywood style)

With so many fun themed options, finding high-quality food will be accessible at Disneyland Paris!

Opening Hours and How Long It Takes

You will grow hungry during your exploration, so stopping for a snack occasionally becomes vital.

Depending on the season, the hours of operation for Walt Disney Studios Park and Disneyland Park change. 

According to the season, both parks typically open at 9.30 am and close between 9 pm and 11 pm. 

To properly enjoy everything both parks offer, we strongly advise staying at least two days, while four days are ideal.

Best Time to Visit

The parks at Disneyland Paris are typically less crowded on weekdays. 

The low season, which lasts from January to March or November to December, is the ideal time to go.

At this time of the year, the park is less busy, and the temperature is moderate.

However, some park attractions may be closed between the two less busy periods. 

Make reservations for your tickets and lodging at Disneyland Paris in advance because these are the busiest times for the park.

Special Events

Throughout the year, Disneyland Paris hosts several unique occasions. 

Halloween, Christmas, and the Disney Villains takeover are a few of the most well-liked occasions. 


While both parks offer unique experiences, visitors often enjoy spending time at Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park to immerse themselves in Disney’s wonders fully. 

Whether you’re seeking classic fairy tales or the thrill of movie magic, Disneyland Paris has something for everyone to enjoy!


FAQs on Disneyland Park vs. Walt Disney Studios Park

Can I use my Disneyland Park ticket to enter Walt Disney Studios Park on a different day?

Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park tickets are separate and valid only for the specific park on the specified day. 

You must buy separate tickets for each park to visit them on different days. Buy Here.

There is no shared admission between the two parks.

How do I purchase Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park tickets?

You may buy Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park through the official Disneyland Paris website or app

Go to the ticketing part of the website or app, choose the park, and choose the desired day. 

Following the on-screen instructions, complete the online purchase to receive your tickets electronically, which you can scan at the park entrance.

Are there locker facilities available in both parks?

Guests may use locker facilities at Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park.

During your park visit, you can safely keep your valuables in one of these lockers.
Locker rentals rely on capacity and are available at designated places or park gates.

Are there hotels or accommodations within walking distance of the parks?

Several hotels and accommodations are within walking distance of Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. 

These include: 

The Disneyland Hotel
Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel
Disney’s Newport Bay Club
Disney’s Sequoia Lodge
Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne
Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe, and 
The Villages Nature Paris. 

Each offers a unique and convenient stay, allowing easy park access.

Are there fireworks shows in both parks?

No, there aren’t any routine fireworks displays in Walt Disney Studios Park. 

“Disney Illuminations,” which appears over Sleeping Beauty Castle, is a stunning nightly fireworks and projection show in Disneyland Park. 

In Disneyland Park, visitors can enjoy an enchanted show of lights, music, and fireworks.

Are there designated smoking areas in both parks?

The Walt Disney Studios Park and Disneyland Park in Disneyland Paris have smoking bans.
Smoking is permitted only in designated outdoor places near the park’s entrances.

Before your visit, it’s good to see if the smoking policy has been updated or changed.

Can I use the same ticket to enter both parks on the same day?

No, a daytime ticket for general admission does not include entrance to Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. 

Each park requires a different ticket. 

Disneyland Paris does, however, provide park hopper tickets that, if wanted, permit visitors to visit both parks on the same day.

Which is better: Disneyland Paris Vs. Walt Disney Studios Paris?

Walt Disney Studios Paris is the second theme park in Disneyland Paris, catering to teens and adults. 

Its principal subject is film, and Walt Disney Studios Park attractions are darker and more exhilarating than those found in Disneyland Park.

Is Disneyland Paris Better Than Disney Studios Park?

Disneyland Paris typically appears superior to Disney Studios Park because of its rich experience, prominent attractions, and themed zones. 

Disneyland Paris offers a nostalgic and enchanting experience with renowned attractions such as Sleeping Beauty Castle. 

Disney Studios Park concentrates on behind-the-scenes activities and lacks the same amount of Disney charm.

Disneyland Paris offers tourists a more complete and pleasurable Disney experience.

Which one is better: Disneyland Paris or Walt Disney Paris?

In a comparison between Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Park, Disneyland is the traditional theme park.

Complete with the iconic castle, parades, and opportunities to meet Disney princesses. On the other hand, Walt Disney Paris offers a more modern Disney experience.

The experiences include themed Marvel and Toy Story zones and attractions focusing on Pixar classics like Finding Nemo and Ratatouille.

Featured Image: Disneylandparis.com

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