Car Parking at Disneyland Paris

The car parking lot at Disneyland Paris opens at 8 am and closes 30 minutes after the park concludes.

Both Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park are close to the car parking at Disneyland Paris.

The Disneyland Paris parking lot is separate.

Given your time spent traveling to get there, we promise this is a welcome treat.

Insider tip: The best way to explore Disneyland Paris is by booking the Multi-day entry ticket to Disneyland Paris which has a validity for 2 to 4 days.

Parking Fees

The Disneyland Paris parking lot is open to anyone visiting Disneyland Paris or Disney Village.

You avoid inconvenience by using accessible self-parking at these locations.

Car parking at Disneyland Paris is complimentary for hotel guests.

You must pay for the parking place if you are not spending your holiday at one of the Disneyland-affiliated hotels.

There is a set daily fee if you want to park in these parking lots.

The Disneyland Paris parking cost varies depending on the type of vehicle.

Type of vehicleFlare rate per day
Cars (of height less than 2 meters)€30
9-seater vehicles (of height more than 2 meters)€40

Who cannot use the Disneyland Paris car park?

There are restrictions on certain automobiles parking in the car park. They consist of:

  • Larger automobiles bigger than buses
  • Trailers 
  • Caravans

After the parks close, parking is not allowed at the Disneyland Parks’ Car Park.

In other words, you cannot leave your automobile parked at Disneyland Paris overnight.

Who can park at Disneyland Paris for free?

If you fit into one of these unique categories, you can park for free at Disneyland Paris.

Hotel Residents

Residents of Disneyland Paris hotels and affiliated hotels can avail free parking in the hotel’s parking lot.

Residents can park their vehicles and obtain an Easy Pass from the hotel.

However, this advantage is unavailable to Adagio City Aparthotel Val d’Europe tenants.

Annual Pass Holders

The Annual Pass for Disneyland Paris is an admission ticket only valid during the specified dates.

Parking is free if you bring your motorbike or light-duty car on an Annual Pass-eligible day!

It would help if you made alternate arrangements to take advantage of this offer when the park closes.

Parking lots near Disneyland Paris

parking near disneyland paris
Image: Wdwnt.com

Are the Disneyland parking fees too high? There are several parking options outside of Disneyland.

Just a few hundred meters away from Disneyland Paris are convenient parking spaces.

Effia Gare De Marne-La-Vallée Chessy Parking Lot

Our top picks are the EFFIA parking lot and the Val d’Europe – Serris Montévrain parking lot.

Both are reasonably priced and easily accessible from Disneyland.

Walking the 400 meters (a quarter of a mile) takes five minutes to reach the EFFIA parking lot from Disneyland Paris.

The parking lot has covered and uncovered areas, is secure, and is open around the clock.

Reservations are available in advance and can be changed up to three hours earlier than the scheduled time. Only one entry and one exit are known.

There is no parking for motorcycles or utility vehicles here.

The cost of parking at EFFIA is:

Duration of ParkingRate
15 minutes€2
30 minutes€3
1 hour€5
3 hours€13
6 Hours €13
12 Hours €18
24 Hours €25
Evening hours€10.50
Additional slices 24 hours€22.80
24/7 Subscription€99.00/month
Five days a week Subscription€66.00/month

Accessing the EFFIA parking lot

  • Entering and leaving the parking lot

Enter the code from the email confirmation, then press “OK” to confirm. At the terminal, you will receive a predefined exit ticket.

Keep the large cars and guests on the ground floor, as there is no lift in the parking lot.

  • Things to know

Your reservation will still let you into the parking lot even if it says “full.”  The access code is good for 60 minutes before or after the reservation’s start time. 

After this period, we invite you to ring the intercom. 

If there is an overrun, you must pay the parking lot directly at the current hourly rate.

Val d’Europe – Serris Montévrain Parking Lot

Although it is a little farther from Disneyland Paris, a two-minute rail ride might make up for it.

The Val d’Europe parking lot is located close to the Val d’Europe RER A station and is only 10 minutes from the Val d’Europe retail complex.

Book in advance to ensure a parking space is available. Motorcycles and utility vehicles are not permitted to park here.

The vehicles have roofs, and there are lifts and CCTV accessible. Additionally, there are charging outlets and wheelchair services.

The Val d’Europe parking lot’s prices are as follows:

Duration of ParkingRate
15 minutes€1
1 hour€2
2 hours€3
3 hours€4
4 hours€5
5 hours€5
6 hours €6
9 hours€6
12 hours €6
18 hours €6
24 hours €7
Overnight €5
2-day package€20
5-day package€28
1-week package€28
Monthly subscription€53


  • Arrival at the car park

When you arrive at the parking lot, purchase a ticket at the entrance terminal.

Except in limited zones, you can park your automobile wherever you like.

Proceed to the car park office with the confirmation message to obtain a prepaid exit ticket.

Please use the intercom by the reception if there are no employees on duty.

Keep in mind that the prepaid exit ticket is crucial.

  • Walking access

Use your ticket on the readers by the entrance to enter the parking lot. Using a vehicle to gain access is not allowed.

  • Parking lot exit

Put the exit ticket into the exit terminal to leave the parking lot. 

There are permits for multiple admissions and exits from one day of parking per parking ticket.

If there is an overrun, you must pay it directly to the parking lot using the price list visible on the property.

Parking at Disneyland Paris FAQs

How many parking spaces does Disneyland Paris have?

There were multiple parking lots at Disneyland Paris, with about 10,000 parking spaces.

When the development of the solar canopy plant at Disneyland Paris is complete by the end of 2023, 11,200 parking spaces will be ready.

There are various parking lots with spots for cars, motorcycles, and bicycles spread out among them.

Does Disneyland Paris charge for parking?

Yes, there is a daily Disneyland Paris car parking fee. 

Car parking costs depend upon the automobile, the parking duration, and the place to park, and the price will vary.

The Disneyland Paris website is where you can find the most recent prices.

Can I make a reservation for parking?

Yes, there is a reservation for parking at Disneyland Paris.

Online reservation alternatives let you reserve your parking space ahead of time.

EFFIA is one of the best online parking reservation websites.

Are there parking spots available for visitors with disabilities?

Yes, Disneyland Paris has parking spaces reserved particularly for guests with impairments. 

These parking spaces are close to the park entrances for the convenience of people with mobility issues. 

To use these reserved parking spaces, visitors with impairments must have a current disability parking permit.

Additionally, their automobile is visible inside with an EU blue badge (legal European disabled person parking permit). 

All visitors need to meet the resort’s accessibility requirements for amenities and services.

Can I overnight park my car at Disneyland Paris?

Yes, Disneyland Paris offers overnight parking. The resort provides parking spaces for visitors who bring their cars. 

There are several sheltered and open-air parking areas near the theme park gates. 

Parking costs may be necessary based on the year’s season, consumer demand, and availability.  

For more details and pricing on overnight parking, consult the official website or contact guest services.

Is parking at Disneyland Paris cost-free?

For some lucky people, parking at Disneyland Paris is free! 

If you are a guest at one of the Disneyland Paris hotels or have an annual pass, you may park for free.

If you do not fall into one of these categories, you can still park for a modest fee at the Disneyland Paris parking lot.

How much does parking at Disneyland Paris cost?

For various types of vehicles, parking at Disneyland Paris’s car park ranges from €25 to €40.

Parking for either a car (with a height less than 2 meters) or a 9-seater vehicle (with a size greater than 2 meters) costs €40 a day.

You can park camper vans at Disneyland Paris for €40 and motorbikes for €25 per day.

Featured Image: DisneylandParis.com

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