Main Street USA Disneyland Paris


Opening Hours : 9:30 am to 11 pm

Accessible for: Hotel guests, annual pass, and regular ticket holders

Best Attraction: Main Street Vehicles

Location: Inside Disneyland Park. Get Directions

Welcome to Main Street, USA, the fun center of Disneyland Paris! 

It gives typical twentieth century vibes which offers a distinctive mix of attractions, entertainment, eating, and retail experiences where nostalgia and innovation collide.

For guests of all ages, Main Street has something unique to offer around every turn, from intense arcade activities to charming streetcar excursions and mesmerizing parades. 

It will be right in front of you when you enter from the entrance gate.

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Attractions and Entertainment 

Instead of the typical turn-of-the-century image, this section of the park focuses on development and advancement. 

Aside from the iconic parades and fireworks, this section has much more to offer its visitors.

Here are some of Main Street USA’s most popular attractions:

Liberty Arcade

Step away from the rush and noise of Main Street and into a timeless doorway!

The lovely Liberty Arcade is a covered hallway reminiscent of 19th-century America.

Admire beautiful architectural elements and period-themed exhibits that display the Statue of Liberty’s history and the French-American friendship. 

The Liberty Court is in the arcade, allowing you to enter the scene and watch Lady Liberty’s inauguration reproduction.  

The Liberty Arcade connects the town square to the Castle of Sleeping Beauty.

While safe from the elements, it offers a cozy stroll with boutique shops and delightful surprises.

Discovery Arcade

Unlock a secret world of Discovery Arcade at Disneyland Paris, a 19th-century architectural marvel.

Travel through time as you walk beneath intricately constructed glass ceilings and façades.

Walk through  interactive exhibits highlighting groundbreaking inventions and scientific marvels.

Find lovely boutiques brimming with Disney-themed items and one-of-a-kind memorabilia.

Admire the flawless blend of history and imagination, which provides a pleasant trip for people of all ages.

Main Street Vehicles

Step back in time and ride one of Main Street, USA’s lovely modes of transportation, the Main Street Vehicles.

Choose among vintage vehicles such as omnibuses, fire engines, Limousines, Mercers, Paddy-wagons, and food trucks.

These vehicles, ideal for a picturesque ride or a one-of-a-kind photo opportunity, offer a magical touch to your experience.

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Horse-drawn Streetcars 

Celebrate the Disney charm with a magnificent entrance fit for royalty! 

You can board the antique horse-drawn streetcar which transports you down the bustling streets of Main Street, USA, with sights and sounds of pure Disney delight all around you.

It’s a nostalgic ride for all ages, a taste of the past that sets the tone for your magical experience!

Disneyland Railroad

When your legs have strolled enough, hop on the real steam-powered train that departs from Disneyland Railroad Main Street Station. 

The four railroad rides transport passengers through Disneyland’s five zones, with a recorded commentary about the surroundings..

This railroad  stops at Peter Pan’s Flight in Fantasyland. 

The train leaves from  It’s a Small World, proceeds to one of Discovery Land’s flagship tours, The Adventure Continues, before stopping at Main Street USA.


The beautiful Disney Parade on Main Street, USA, is a bright procession where renowned Disney characters come to life through colorful floats, exciting music, and spectacular dance.

The opening parade, seasonal parade, character trains, legendary Disney Star on Parade, Disney Electrical Sky Parade, and are all featured on Main Street USA.

Join the crowd in applauding and waving as the parade fills the streets with joy and enthusiasm.

Take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the pure spirit of Disney enchantment.

Character Meets

Main Street, USA is your first chance to rub shoulders with Disney characters! 

During the day, you may run into Mickey, Minnie, or their friends while out and about or stationed close to stores. 

Get a signature, take a picture that will last a lifetime, and receive a hug—all in the lively, quaint Main Street setting. 


The whole region is brimming with fascinating sights and activities that bring Disney enchantment to life!

See Sleeping Beauty Castle projected with the legendary Disney Dreams Nighttime Extravaganza. 

Alternatively, take in the splendor of the Electrical Parade, which is a brilliant display of lit floats showcasing your preferred Disney characters. 

But there’s still more! Immerse yourself in the colorful A Million Splashes of Color midday show during the Disney Symphony of Colors season (February 10th to September 30th, 2024). 

Main Street is filled with magic as Mickey, Joy, Mirabel, and many other well-known characters parade down it in a vibrant manner!


Main Street USA offers a shopper’s paradise! 

Explore charming boutiques filled with Disney merchandise, fashion, and delightful souvenirs. It has distinct Victorian-themed boutiques and souvenir shops. 

From vintage-inspired shops to irresistible confectioneries, indulge in a magical shopping experience that will leave you with cherished mementos of your Disneyland adventure.

Here is the list of the shop and items you can explore: 

Shop nameWhat to shop?
Lilly’s BoutiqueGift & Housewares
Main Street MotorsApparel and Accessories
The Storybook StoreGift & Housewares, Art & Collectibles
Ribbons & Bows Hat ShopDisney Ears, Apparel and Accessories
Disney ClothiersDisney ears, Kids apparel and accessories
The Boardwalk Candy Palace Food and drinks, gifts and houseware
Harrington’s Fine China and PorcelainsArt & Collectibles, Pins and figurines
New Century Notions Flora’s Unique BoutiqueDisney Ears, Pins and figurines, Gift & Housewares, Art & Collectibles
Dapper Dan’s Hair CutsHair cuts using traditional methods
EmporiumClothing, plush toys, souvenirs, and collectibles
The Plaza East BoutiqueApparel and Accessories, Disney Ears, Toys & Plush, Gift & Housewares
The Plaza West BoutiqueApparel and Accessories, Disney Ears, Toys & Plush, Gift & Housewares
Disney & Co.Toys & Plush, Disney Ears, Costumes


Satisfy your cravings here with an array of delightful dining options. 

From classic American fare to mouthwatering treats, indulge in a culinary journey that complements the charming ambiance. 

Main Street USA has various food options such as the following:

Casey’s CornerBaseballHotdogs, fries and refreshing soft drinks
Walt’s – An American RestaurantVictorian-styleAmerican cuisine
Plaza Gardens RestaurantDisney CharactersAll-you-can-eat buffet
Cable Car Bake ShopMuffin, cupcake, cheesecake or other sweet and savory snacks
Market House Deli 20th Century New York-styleMeat, cheese and salad
Cookie KitchenFresh cookies and pastries
The Gibson Girl Ice Cream ParlorGibson Girl illustrations of Charles Dana GibsonIce Creams

FAQs on Main Street USA 

What is the ambiance and theme of Main Street, USA?

Main Street USA in Disneyland Paris, has the feel and theme of a quaint, nostalgic, and busy early nineteenth-century American village. It features Victorian architecture, charming shops, horse-drawn streetcars, and a bustling ambiance.

In the shops, can I find Disney merchandise unique to Main Street, USA?

Disney items are exclusive to Main Street, USA, in the shops. Emporium and Disney & Co. stores provide a selection of exclusive things that capture its  beauty and wonder.

Can I utilize my Disneyland Paris meal package at Main Street, USA restaurants?

You can utilize your Disneyland Paris meal package in selected restaurants if you stay in Disney Hotels. 

Are there any age or height requirements for the Main Street, USA attractions?

No age or height limits exist for any Main Street, USA attractions in Disneyland Paris. It focuses on retail, restaurants, shows, parades, vehicle rides and the immersive experience.

How do I go to Main Street, USA, while still in the park?

Enter through the main entrance and walk down the corridor. It’s typically the first place you’ll see upon entering the park. From within the park, you can reach Main Street via park transportation like the Disneyland Railroad. Get Directions

What are the attractions on Main Street, USA?

Rather than traditional attractions, Main Street USA at Disneyland Paris focuses on immersive experiences, commerce, and food. You can, however, enjoy the Vehicles, horse-drawn streetcars, and the Disneyland Railroad.

Is Main Street, USA differently decorated during special events or holidays?

Main Street, USA in Disneyland Paris, is often decorated accordingly during special events and holidays like Christamas and Halloween. You can expect to see festive decorations, themed lighting, and seasonal embellishments to add a touch of magic.

Featured Image: DisneylandParis.com

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