Disneyland Paris Itinerary

Embark on a magical journey through the captivating world of Disneyland Paris!

With so much to explore and experience, planning your itinerary is key to making the most of your visit.

This Disneyland Paris itinerary promises an unforgettable adventure from enchanting attractions to whimsical shows. Start your day at Disneyland Park, where fairy tales come to life.

Immerse yourself in iconic attractions like Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Afterward, go to Walt Disney Studios Park, where the magic of movies awaits. Experience thrilling rides like Ratatouille: The Adventure and Crush’s Coaster, and be amazed by spectacular shows like Mickey and the Magician.

Head to Disney Village, a vibrant entertainment district filled with restaurants, shops, and entertainment options, for a change of pace.

Indulge in a delicious meal, catch a movie, or browse for souvenirs to commemorate your Disney adventure.

End your day with a dazzling fireworks display or nighttime spectacular that illuminates the sky above the parks, leaving you with cherished memories of your time in the magical world of Disneyland Paris.

Disneyland Paris Itinerary

Deciding to visit Disneyland was the simple part. However, selecting what you want to see could take time because there are many options. We gave you the ideal choices for your Disneyland Paris itinerary.

Do you also want to see it for a couple more days? We also have a detailed schedule for a couple more days.

Disneyland Paris 1-Day Itinerary

Yes, you may visit Disneyland Paris in a single day.

All you need is careful planning and a comprehensive schedule.

So, you cover the activities, performances, rides, and attractions.

We would like you to buy a 1-day ticket (Buy Now) or 1-day flexible access (Buy Now) if you intend to visit Disneyland Paris in a single day.

To maximize your time in the parks, you should go when the hours are longer.

You can even stay at one of the 15 hotels that make up Disneyland to reduce travel time.

Here is a customized schedule for your 1-day itinerary at Disneyland Paris:


  • Arrive Early

To maximize your time and get a head start on the crowd, try to arrive at the park before it opens, allowing you to take advantage of the morning hours.

  • Main Street, U.S.A.

Stroll down Main Street, U.S.A, the picturesque park entrance, to start your day. 

Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, store exploration, and scenic surroundings.

  • Fantasyland

It would help if you headed to Fantasyland to locate the beloved Disney attractions.

There are attractions like 

  • “Peter Pan’s Flight,” 
  • “It’s a Small World,” and 
  • “Dumbo the Flying Elephant.”

It’s a good idea to ride these rides early in the day because they are popular and have longer wait times later in the day.

  • Discoveryland

Make your way to Discoveryland from Fantasyland. 

You can use futuristic attractions like “Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain” and “Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast.”

If you like “Star Wars,” you shouldn’t miss “Star Tours: The Adventures Continue.”

Explore Adventureland next, where you may find exhilarating attractions. Some are 

  • “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril” and 
  • “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

Take a boat voyage through the waterways that are home to pirates and go on an adventure with Captain Jack Sparrow.

  • Quick Snack

You could be craving a fast snack at this point. Visit one of the many food shops or eateries in the park to get a bite.

You can have a Mickey-shaped pretzel or a delectable dessert with a Disney theme.

  • Meet Disney Characters

Character meet-and-greets are well-known at Disneyland Paris. Take advantage of the chance to meet your favorite Disney characters.

Take priceless pictures by checking the schedule for character appearances.

  • Enjoy the Atmosphere

Spend some time taking in the park’s magical ambiance. Enjoy the parades, street shows, and live entertainment throughout the morning. 

Remember to stroll through the themed regions and admire the minute features and embellishments.


disneyland paris afternoon tour
Image: Disneylandparis.com
  • Adventure Continues

Continue the adventure by visiting any Adventureland attractions you missed in the morning to start your afternoon. 

Consider seeing the exciting “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril” or the charming “Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse.”

  • Frontierland

The next stop is Frontierland, where you may take a thrilling ride up “Big Thunder Mountain.”

Take a nostalgic boat trip through “Pocahontas Indian Village.”

Catch the thrilling live performance of “The Chaparral Theatre,” which features well-known Disney characters.

  • Lunchtime

Visit one of the park’s many food options for a lunch break.

There are many cuisines, whether you want a quick snack or a sit-down meal.

  • Discoveryland Exploration

Explore Discoveryland once more to take in any other attractions you may have missed.

Remember to stop at the renowned “Space Mountain: Mission 2” for a fantastic ride on a roller coaster with a space theme.

  • Fantasyland Delights

Return to Fantasyland to continue your fantastic trip. 

Visit places like “Alice’s Curious Labyrinth,” a creative maze you can explore.

Board “Casey Jr.- le Petit Train du Cirque” for a fun ride.

  • Parades and Shows

Check the afternoon schedule for any parades or performances. 

The “Disney Stars on Parade” and the “Mickey’s PhilharMagic” 3D show provide alluring entertainment, among other magnificent acts.

  • Shopping and Souvenirs

Review the stores and purchase some souvenirs to remember your trip.

You can find various products to suit any Disney lover, from character merchandise to unique Disney memorabilia.


  • Night-time Spectaculars

The spectacular night-time displays at Disneyland Paris are well-known.

Brilliant lights and music serve to illuminate the Sleeping Beauty Castle.

The enthralling “Disney Illuminations” fireworks and projection show, which you can see on the calendar, features Disney characters.

  • Dining Experience

Enjoy a special dinner at one of the park’s themed eateries.

The evening offers the opportunity to relish delectable cuisine, whether in a character dining experience or an exquisite fine dining venue, all while savoring the enchanting atmosphere.

  • Rides at Night 

Take advantage of reduced lines at popular attractions at night.

Enjoy well-known attractions like “Pirates of the Caribbean” or the thrilling turns of “Space Mountain” beneath a starry night sky.

  • Explore Main Street, U.S.A.

Stroll down Main Street, U.S.A., as the park becomes quieter.

Thanks to the attractive surroundings and well-lit stores, a nostalgic vibe arises.

Remember to look around the stores for interesting keepsakes and souvenirs.

  • Entertainment and Live Music

Find live entertainment opportunities throughout the park throughout the evening.

Live music is also available. There is constant entertainment available, from live music to street acts.

  • Photographing at night

Use your camera to capture the magical moments when the park turns into a glittering fantasy.

The wonderful backdrop of dusk lighting makes it easy to take lovely pictures and remember your trip.

  • Reflections at the Lake

Stroll around the park’s lovely lake to wind down the evening.

Find a quiet area to unwind and take in the reflection of the brilliant lights on the water.

Disneyland Paris 2-Day Itinerary

disneyland paris 2day tickets
Image: Disneylandparis.com

The ideal way to organize your two-day Disneyland Paris itinerary is to save the complicated moving for the first day.

Then reserve the exploration for the second.

The multi-day ticket is the best place to start. Buy This Ticket.

Day 1 Itinerary

We hope you arrive before the opening hours because you have much to explore.

Thrill coasters like Adventure Isle, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril, Peter Pan’s Flight, Crush’s Coaster, and Ratatouille can be the focus of your energetic mornings. 

Your morning at Disneyland Paris ends with this.

It’s critical to replenish your lost energy after such a busy morning. 

There are several themed or quick-bite eateries to select from. 

Any bar at Disneyland Paris, like the Sequoia Lodge, is a great place to get a cool drink.

Although, due to their vibrant nightlife, visiting bars at night is better.

You can devote your afternoons and evenings to programs and events that have set times.

To make your visit more straightforward, we advise you to review these times and select your favorite shows in advance.

You should continue your journey on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Dumbo: The Flying Elephant, and Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain.

At 5.30 pm, the Disney parade will kick off your night, which will, after that, include dinner and the Disney Illuminations.

Day 1 is complete at this site!

Day 2 Itinerary

Move on to some fantastic attractions now that most of your ride-related excursion is over.

You can check out various attractions on your second day at Disneyland Park in Paris. 

You can lose yourself in enchanted settings at places like Alice’s Curious Labyrinth and Sleeping Beauty Castle. 

Take advantage of the thrilling Phantom Manor adventure or Mickey’s PhilharMagic, a spectacular 3D show.

Visit La Cabane des Robinson and the Rustler Roundup Shootin’ Gallery for adventure. 

At Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing, take a sail and see an engaging performance at the Videopolis Theatre.

You will have the whole day to explore and take pictures after a full day of exhausting rides.

Along with the attractions, you should visit some of Disneyland Paris’ well-known eateries and bars to experience Disney elements.

You can visit some of the items you missed. You can also return to the locations you enjoyed after experiencing most of the attractions and rides.

Disneyland Paris 3-Day Itinerary

disneyland paris multiday ticket
Image: Disneylandparis.com

The fact that you have three full days to spend at Disneyland Paris is a blessing.

A multi-day ticket is a fantastic choice for the best Disneyland Paris itinerary, three days of experience.

You can divide most of your three-day visit to Disneyland Paris into rides and the remaining time into attractions.

You can go on the rides that most interest you.

For instance, if you are a significant fan of Star Wars, you can board Star Tours: The Adventures Continue and Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain.

You can choose which rides from our list to experience first at Disneyland Paris.

You will have enough time to finish all these rides in one and a half to two days. Next are the fascinating attractions!

We’ve got you covered there, too, with our list of suggested attractions.

You can savor the details of the attractions you find interesting throughout your final day.

Alice’s Curious Labyrinth would make you feel like Alice if Alice in Wonderland were your favorite fictional universe.

Certain Disneyland activities have scheduled times, so you can only sometimes attend them when you want.

Disneyland Paris 4-Day Itinerary

disneyland paris tickets
Image: Disneylandparis.com

The sole distinction between a Disneyland Paris 3-day itinerary and a Disneyland Paris 4-day itinerary is convenience.

You can see everything in four days but at your own speed.

Long lines won’t prevent you from visiting your favorite rides quickly.

You may take plenty of breaks, spend more time at the attractions you enjoy, and take your time.

If you only have four days, we advise viewing everything during the day and saving the evenings for more sightseeing and activities.

It’s simple to divide the time between rides and the other half between attractions and any seasonal shows you want to see.

By trying more, you can discover your favorite restaurants and foods in four days.

FAQs for Disneyland Paris Itinerary

How many days should I spend at Disneyland Paris?

The number of attractions you want to enjoy will determine how long you should spend at Disneyland Paris. 

Additionally, considering your personal preferences, allocate two to three days.

Take full advantage of the park’s amenities and have a great and immersive Disney experience. Allot two to three days.

How can I avoid long wait times for rides?

You can use a few tactics to reduce the wait times at Disneyland Paris. Arrive early in the day or when it’s less busy. 

Use FastPasses to reserve particular ride times for the most popular attractions. When single-rider lines are available, use them. 

Use the Disneyland Paris smartphone app to view current wait times and adjust your schedule.

What dining options are available at Disneyland Paris?

Various food options are available at Disneyland Paris to accommodate different tastes and preferences. 

There are quick-service kiosks serving snacks, sandwiches, and desserts. Themed restaurants serve foreign and French cuisine. 

Counter-service eateries are available for quick bites, character dining experiences, and table-service meals.
Additionally, the park offers vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free alternatives at some restaurants.

Are there shows and parades at Disneyland Paris?

Yes, Disneyland Paris presents exciting parades and shows. 

Parades with Disney characters, vibrant floats, and upbeat music may be fantastic.
The park hosts a range of acts, like musical shows, live entertainment, and midnight spectaculars with pyrotechnics and projections. 

Check the park calendar for showtimes and adjust your schedule to catch these captivating shows.

Can I visit both parks in one day?

It is possible to visit Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park in one day.

You can find our guide to Disneyland Paris 1 day two parks itinerary.

Although fitting everything each park offers into the limited time might be difficult. 

Allot at least a full day to each park to experience the magic, attractions, performances, and experiences. 
To make the most of your stay, focus on your must-see attractions. If you only have limited time, carefully arrange your itinerary.

Are there accommodations available within Disneyland Paris?

Yes, various lodging options are available within the resort area of Disneyland Paris. 

As well as partner hotels nearby, Disney hotels with specific themes offer a fantastic experience. 

Staying on-site gives you easy access to the park’s advantages, like Extra Magic Hours and various amenities.

Are character meet-and-greets available at Disneyland Paris?

Disneyland Paris offers character meet-and-greets. 

You can meet and engage with well-known Disney characters in specified areas across the parks.
These meet-and-greets offer priceless chances to create precious memories with your favorite Disney characters.

Meet-and-greets include timeless figures like Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, princesses, superheroes, and more.

Featured Image: Craig Adderley from Pexels

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