Disneyland Paris Express Tickets and Shuttle Transport

Feel like a VIP with Disneyland Paris Express Tickets with Shuttle transportation services.

Discover your Disneyland Paris shuttle service in Paris City and enjoy the amazingly designed shuttle service.

From locations like the Eiffel Tower, Gare du Nord, Opéra, Châtelet, etc., visitors may choose the pickup location that is most suitable for them.

The first pickup will start at 8.15 am from Gare du Nord.

The last pickup will happen at 8.55 am from Châtelet.

You will travel with a bus steward who will assist you and is bilingual in Spanish, English, and French from Paris to Disneyland.

All the valuable information about the shuttle services is accessible in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, and other languages.

You may spend your time touring either Disneyland Park or Walt Disney Studios Park.

Depending on the Disneyland Paris Express tickets you chose.

At 8.30 pm, we shall return from Disneyland Paris.

Up to 24 hours before your visit, the Disneyland Paris Express Ticket with shuttle includes free cancellation.

Disneyland Paris Express Tickets Price with Shuttle

No. of parksMeeting pointTime of departureAdult ticket costChild ticket cost
1Gare du Nord8.15 am$156-196$145-187
1Eiffel Tower8.30 am$156-197$145-187
1Opéra8.35 am$156-197$145-187
1Châtelet8.55 am$156-197$145-187
2Gare du Nord8.15 am$179-223$167-214
2Eiffel Tower8.30 am$179-223$167-214
2Opéra8.35 am$179-223$167-214
2Châtelet8.55 am$179-223$167-214

FAQs for Express Disneyland Paris tickets with Shuttle Transport

Can I bring strollers or large bags on the shuttle?

Disneyland Paris Express Tickets with Transportation permit you to carry strollers and heavy luggage on the shuttle.

Note that strollers may need to be collapsible for safety and space concerns.

Specific locations should be used to leave the oversized baggage, or the rider should carry it.

Can I make changes to my shuttle transport reservation?

Changes to shuttle bookings for Express tickets to Disneyland Paris are often subject to availability. 

Ask about changing your reservation and seeing if there are any costs or limitations.

Get in touch with the designated customer care desk or the ticket seller.

Can I use the shuttle service to visit nearby attractions or hotels?

The specified pickup and drop-off times for the two Parks are the only ones where the shuttle service comes with tickets.

It might not be feasible to explore other neighboring hotels or attractions. It is better to inquire about the routes and locations the shuttle service covers.

Can I use the shuttle transport on multiple days with my Express ticket?

Yes, shuttle transportation is often available for use on numerous days.

Within the time of your ticket’s validity when you purchase Express Disneyland Paris tickets. 

Shuttle transportation makes getting around easier while you’re there and will improve your entire experience at Disneyland Paris.

Are the shuttle transfers included in the price of the Express tickets?

The cost of Express Disneyland Paris tickets often includes shuttle transfers. 

Tickets, including shuttle transfers, improve your experience and streamline your Disneyland Paris trip.

You can use the convenience of shuttle transportation between specified places without paying any additional fees.

Should I reserve a seat on the shuttle in advance?

The shuttle included with Express Disneyland Paris tickets typically does not require advanced seat reservations. 

To guarantee a seamless trip, verify the precise instructions the shuttle service or the ticket supplier supplied.

 Ask about any particular guidelines or suggestions regarding seat availability.

Is there a customer service desk at the shuttle pickup location?

Yes, the shuttle pickup location for Express Disneyland Paris tickets typically has a customer service desk or information center. 

It ensures that customers have a convenient and dependable experience by acting as a resource for any questions, help, or information about the shuttle service.

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